Enterprise Semantic and
Metadata Management Solution

Reduce Complexity. Gain Business Value.

SINGLE solution for enterprise semantic modeling and metadata management

Watch to see how Affirma harmonizes data integration and analytics for your organization across your data fabric or data mesh.

Incorporate reference data from vendors and industry standards.

Centralize semantic data model management, data mapping, data transformation, data lineage and more.


Provides scalable semantic model management

Affirma supports multiple ontologies, including vendor and industry standards, through scalable semantic modeling management. This allows for reuse of data and the understanding of the digital landscape to exploit linked open data to create digital business value. Your semantic model links with metadata to unlocks the power of data lineage, knowledge graphs, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


Integrates and Connects your Ecosystem of Technology Investments

Affirma integrates with existing solutions for end-to-end semantic modeling and metadata management across the organization. Investments are connected for cohesive alignment resulting in your organization gaining more value from your solutions.


Manages complexity and accelerates time to market

Affirma manages the data journey enabling the reuse of design, semantic ontologies and transformation resulting in accelerated time to market for your initiatives.

"Data and analytics leaders need to adopt a semantic approach to their enterprise data; otherwise, they will face an endless battle with data silos."

Guido De Simoni and Robert Thanaraj
Leverage Semantics to Drive Business Value From Data

Affirma for Information Technology

Adapting to change and minimizing cost while improving delivery

Application portfolios are constantly evolving as new business needs arise and legacy applications are retired.

"Understand data lineage to communicate impact and enable reusability"

affirma for operations

Affirma for Operations

Integrating segmented data for enhanced decision making 

You have invested in tools, technologies and solutions but the data is segmented.

“Integrate data governance and semantics to deliver analytics across boundaries.”

affirma for business

Affirma for Business Strategy

Treating data as a critical asset to drive innovation

Our world is changing faster than ever before, requiring innovative and resilient businesses strategies.

“Build foresight capabilities for financial, operational, and digital resilience.”

Harmonize Data Integration and Analytics Across Your Data Architecture with
Affirma Capabilities

With Affirma capabilities you optimally manage the data journey within your organization across your data fabric, data mesh or your preferred combination thereof. This ensured a common definition of data semantics for accelerated implementation of new technologies through flexible and reusable data driven pipelines. The organization has access and confidence in the data allowing for added business value.

Data Catalog

Import and utilize industry standard models, proprietary models and schemas to accelerate your common classification of data.

Enterprise Semantic Model

Build and maintain your semantic model for data-in-motion and data-at-rest to ensure interoperability within your technology landscape.

Data Design

Centralize and manage data profiles and context to generate your schema for integration and persistent data stores.

Integration Design

Centralize and manage designs of interfaces and microservices to enable re-usability and minimize your technical debt.

Data Linage

Data Lineage

Ability to understand the origin of your data and its impact on current and future changes enabling effective planning and innovation.

Data Mapping and Data Transformation

A single source of truth for your metadata data for integration and analytics based on business rules to increase speed of project delivery.

Data Profiling

Insights into the dimensions of your data up-front building confidence in your data and preventing future costly updates.


Enforce business rules, processes and policies on your data to ensure a high-level of assurance in what is being delivered.

Data Dictionary

Ensure a clear definition and understanding of your data in the organization for optimized decision making and expansion.

Build Automation

Seamless design to code generation of integrations and data stores for deployment based on your semantic driven metadata management and design within Affirma.


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Enterprise Semantic and MetaData Management At Work

Xtensible Client Journey

Xtensible has been working with this client for over 15 years and we are still supporting them in creating the 21st century power network for 15 million customers covering 50,000 square miles. Today their enterprise analytics platform generates 10 terabytes of data weekly.

Changes to the electric grid are necessary and will continue to be needed based on technology advancements and consumer expectations related to reliability and affordability as well as the growing global awareness of environmental impacts. Data model governance is a key factor in long-term success and sets the stage for future expansion and growth, an area where we have considerable expertise.

During this journey we utilized MD3i for semantic modeling, the beginnings of Affirma. Affirma is now a single solution for enterprise semantic modeling and metadata management.


Who we are

Xtensible Solutions first opened its doors in 1998 as a standards-based consulting company for the utility industry. Since the company’s early days, when three friends hunched over a wobbly table in an unfinished basement to finalize Xtensible’s original MDi framework, Xtensible has enjoyed a culture that values leadership, innovation, and community.

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