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Affirma capabilities are all essential in closing the gap between your data and for sharing of this data with both internal and external consumers. Affirma harmonizes your data for integration and analytics across your data architecture.

reference data

Data Catalog



Classify and categorize your source data

Affirma gives you the ability to build, manage and update your data. The Data Dictionary includes industry standard models, proprietary models, interfaces and other schemas.

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Main Reference Data
enterprise semantic model

Enterprise Semantic Model

Main Enterprise Semantic Model


Establish a common definition of your data

Affirma gives you the ability to create and manage your Enterprise Semantic Model across your data architecture. It is a harmonized superset of your data sources.

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Data Design



Centralize and generate data schemas

Affirma gives you the ability to generate schemas from your common data definition. Data Designs are platform independent schemas supporting DDL, XSD, JSON, etc.

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Data Design
enterprise semantic model

Integration Design

Main Enterprise Semantic Model


Centralize and generate data integrations

Affirma gives you the ability to describe the functionality of web-services and micro-services. Integration Design generates WSDL, SOAP, etc.

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Data Linage

Data Lineage

Main Enterprise Semantic Model


Understand the impact of your data

Affirma gives you the ability to understand both upstream and downstream lineage tracing of your data capturing data origin, user action and more. It is foundational for utilization of graph-node capabilities and AI and ML integration.

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mapping and transportation

Mapping and Transformation

Ensure accuracy and move of your data

Affirma gives you the ability to code, store and execute mappings and transformations and use for data verification purposes. Mappings and Transformations are reusable and therefore ensures consistency.

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Main Data Mapping
data profiling

Data Profiling



Gain trust in your data

Affirma gives you the ability to connect source systems or interfaces to profile data. Statistical analysis, with attribute assessments, correlation identification and cleanup suggestions are possible.

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Reference Data
Data Governance


Governance Process Flow


Treat data as a valuable asset

Affirma gives you the ability to enforce business rules, processes and policies on your data to ensure a high-level of assurance in what is being delivered. Managing governance in hybrid environments extending beyond the source generating the data is attainable.

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data dictionary

Data Dictionary


Understand and use data correctly

Affirma gives you the ability to build a common data definition across your organization by generating it from your semantic definitions. This includes the contextual information for your data sharable between business and IT.

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Main Data Dictionary
Build Automation

Build Automation


Reduce Complexity. Gain Business Value

Affirma gives you a cohesive approach of moving from design to deployment to ensure a connected technology landscape.  Build Automation provides design artifacts and code.

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