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Affirma pricing with the user in mind

Our pricing is based on the ability to provide first class products and services for you. It allows us to innovate and makes it possible for us to retain and hire exceptional people to serve you.  Our pricing model is based upon core value add to your organization to ensure your organization operates effectively and efficiently while promoting innovation and change.

We consider both the value to your organization, the different user types both from business operations and within information technology groups in our pricing model. We also take into consideration different data sources such as internal systems, SaaS based data sources, data stores, as well as analytics and more.

In order to provide you with pricing there are other considerations beyond core Affirma capabilities you need to take into account to ensure adoption and ability to gain from the full business value of Affirma.

Capability Bundle

  • Affirma Core
  • Affirma Professional
  • Affirma Extensions

Accelerator Service

  • Install and Configure 4 weeks
  • Jump Start 8 weeks
  • Professional 16 weeks


Deployment Option

  • On-premises
  • Cloud based





  • Basic Support
  • Premium Support
  • Platinum Support


Pricing Model

  • Annual subscription



Affirma Capability Bundles


Affirma Core

Affirma core is for those who want to get started with semantic management and includes the below Affirma Capabilities.

Reference Data

Enterprise Semantic Modeling

Mapping and TransformationMapping​ and Transformation

Data DesignData Design

Data LinageData Lineage (Core)

Data DictionaryData Dictionary

Affirma Professional (Coming soon)

Affirma Professional is for those who want to continue to build on their Affirma investment. Affirma Professional includes all Affirma Core Capabilities and the ones listed below.

Integration Design

Data LinageData Lineage (Professional)

Mapping and TransformationData Profiling

Data GovernanceGovernance

Affirma Extensions

Affirma Extensions are for those want design to code generation of integrations and data stores for deployment.

Build AutomationBuild Automation


Affirma Extensions

With Affirma Extensions your design is deployed to technology environments supporting your architecture approach, being data fabric, data mesh or a combination.

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