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The importance of Governance

Effective data governance is critical to ensure optimal business operations, mitigate risk and stay viable in an ever-changing market landscape.  Data governance is now an on-going effort to review and revise existing processes and a higher level of automation is needed to avoid high profile security incidents, to ensure resiliency and conformance with regulatory environments.

Affirma enforces business rules, processes and policies on your data and metadata to ensure a high-level of assurance in what is being delivered.

How could you improve upon data governance within the delivery processes across your organization?

"Advisors say "treat data as a valuable asset", how do we do that?"

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Governance must apply not only to the data but also to the associated metadata across the organization. This is commonly referred to as Connected Governance. It also applies cross-enterprise and even cross geography. To apply this within an organization you have to automate workflow processes.

Do you have data governance automation?

Data Governance Roadmap

The Affirma Roadmap gives you visibility into our planned capability expansions. We offer the opportunity for clients to collaborate and help drive product development through our strategy sessions.


reference data

Tagging support

The ability to associate name tags to specific data objects, attributes and entities. This will further support future node graph discovery.

enterprise semantic model

Out-of-box data governance definitions

The ability to support out-of-the-box data governance definitions and associations for you to utilize and define.

User defined metadata governance

The ability to define additional metadata definitions and set required compliance measures.

Workflow management

The ability to define work-flow process for approvals, reviews with comments, notifications, alerts and more.

Data Governance

Version tracking and auditing

The ability to track versions and see full providence of metadata.

Data Governance

Governance part of Affirma Pro

Affirma Pro subscription is planned for release at the beginning of 2023. To learn more about future Affirma capabilities please visit the Affirma roadmap page.

Affirma embeds data and metadata governance into the design and implementation process.

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