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The importance of Data Mapping and Transformations

Data Mappings define the transformation of data between two data integration interfaces. This includes both object and attribute mapping from source to target, as well as any transformation the data content needs to undergo in the process.

Keeping track of multiple integration definitions across multiple systems in the organization as well as integrations to external systems is an impossible task if these integration designs are documented in individual documents, in differing formats and distributed through the enterprise.

Ask yourself how you keep track of multiple definitions across multiple systems?

"How can we manage our 4000+ integration mapping spreadsheets all in one controlled environment?"

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Affirma’s Data Mapping provides an integration modeling environment that not only serves as an easy to use productivity tool for data architects and system integrators at design and build time, but also establishes a centralized library for all integration designs for the entire enterprise, with full history of how those designs changed over time.

Are you keeping track of historical designs?

3 steps to Data Mapping and Transformation

You might ask yourself how do I start using Affirma for Data Mapping and Transformation and get out of the current process.  Here is the approach we recommend building on previous steps:

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Import existing data mappings or create new ones

Affirma allows you to leverage your existing mapping designs by transferring them to an Excel template and importing them into Affirma’s Data Mapping library. Alternatively, you can create a new mapping design, add your source and target schemas to it, and use Affirma’s graphical design interface to define your mapping design down to attribute level.

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Publish your Data Mappings

Data mapping definitions can be exported or made available through the Affirma platform for review or approval. Once approved the designs can be made accessible through similar mechanisms to your system integration build team.

Mapping and Transformation

Maintain your Data Mappings

Remember to update the mappings with any changes agreed to during the integration build. Similarly, if updates to the data mapping design is required in future, make those changes in Affirma and publish as needed.

Affirma allows you to design and manage all data mapping designs across the enterprise and establish a common library of mapping design definitions.

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