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The importance of Data Dictionary

The purpose of a Data Dictionary is to provide names, definitions, and attributes for the data that is being used within your technology landscape. Stakeholders need to be able to quickly find the correct data they need for their specific purposes, whether the data is used in new ways for business innovation or for solving business problems.

Correct use of data allows for mitigation of project delivery risks and provides confidence within the delivered solutions.

How do you integrate what is defined to what is actually designed and implemented?

"How do we connect our Data Dictionary to what is being designed and built?"

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Affirma has a robust set of APIs that allows for integration with other solutions or tools. This connects what is documented to what is actually designed within Affirma.

Reference models and the enterprise semantic model are harmonized with the work that is being done.

Is your data architecture harmonized?

3 steps to Data Dictionary

You many have a solution or tool that you using to manual document a Data Dictionary.  Does it fully integrate into the data designs and implementation process?  Perhaps you don't have a means today for documenting a Data Dictionary.  Where do you start?  Affirma can support you in both instance with just a few steps.

reference data

Identify existing Data Dictionary and integrate

Gather the existing solutions or tools in which you have data definitions available.

enterprise semantic model

Harmonize your Data Dictionary across the Enterprise Semantic Model

The Enterprise Semantic Model is what is utilized to create the data designs and feeds the data dictionary.  If you integrated with an existing data definition solution or tool you need to harmonize them with the Enterprise Semantic Model.  This will ensure that data designs are built off of a common definition.  If you started your Data Dictionary journey with Affirma the Data Dictionary will be generated based upon the Enterprise Semantic Model.

Continuous development and refinement

As changes to the technology landscape occurs you will continue to update designs based on the Enterprise Semantic Model which will harmonize your Data Dictionary and provides an easy way to ensure that there is clarity around data for both IT design and implementation with the Business.

Affirma generates the Data Dictionary from your Enterprise Semantic Model, ensuring common data definitions and design.

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