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Reduce Complexity. Gain Business Value.


At Xtensible we provide products, consulting and integration services connecting the dots between technologies in a way that others can’t because we are global leaders in standards development.  We innovate with our global clients and bring together best practices from around the world for the benefit or all our clients.  We are a dedicated team of consultants combining our collective experience, knowledge, and skills to serve our clients, with corporate headquarters in the United States.

We have become a leading provider of semantic-based integration and information management solutions worldwide.  Within this solution space, we have innovated and brought together best practices of businesses, standards combined with experience to develop and deliver Affirma, an Enterprise Semantic and Metadata Management Solution for harmonizing data architecture.

While we continue to grow, the heart of the company remains a close-knit circle of experienced professionals passionate about our work. It is this environment, combined with passion for the industry and our innovative solutions, that makes us your unique and instrumental ally.


To deliver and empower you with sustainable end-to-end solutions in a repeatable and cost-effective manner.


To be your preferred partner.

Our Consulting Services

We deliver Affirma and provide services for installation and support based on proven methodologies delivered with dedicated, trustworthy consultants encompassing years of lessons learnt.

 Whether you need support for a specific project or need the ability to ramp services up or down, we can provide that support through our managed services.

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We strongly believe connected data and connected technologies provide insights today and unimaginable value for our common future.

Therefore our goal at Xtensible, is to ensure that organizations have friction less access to their data across the entire organization all the time.

Our Strategic Framework

To ensure our services and products deliver value for you we established a strategic framework for how we engage with you.


Helping you do more with less

We empower you to deliver business solutions in a faster, cost-effective and repeatable manner.


Reducing your risk

We prioritize reducing your risks as part of our project deliveries.


Encouraging financially sound decisions

We provide guidance and direction for you to make sound investment decisions for both short-term and long-term benefits.


Leveraging standards

We leverage standards and drive their development for the benefit of all.


Helping you avoid vendor lock-in

We work with you to architect solutions preventing vendor and technology lock-in.


Being your trusted advisor

We are part of your team ensuring you get the most value from your chosen technologies, system integrations and approaches to data management.



Deliver value to you through innovative, cost-effective integration solutions that provide long-term sustainability


Maintain a high level of integrity by treating you, our associates, partners and vendors with fairness and honesty


Respect our communities by giving back to our greatest asset being the people that make up the communities we live and work in


Be a strategic partner to all our customers and provide effective data related solutions that drive value

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