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Xtensible provides a wide range of data services, all designed to deliver based on your needs. We deliver them with dedicated, trustworthy consultants. Whether you need support for a specific project or need the ability to ramp services up or down, we can provide that support through our managed services.

Strategy & Architecture Consulting

The road to Data Driven Digital Transformation is paved with smart data. To achieve the value of your investment it is imperative that you define your strategic direction and establish your technical reference architecture. This will ensure you receive maximum business value from your investments.

Business & Technology Consulting

With decades of consulting experience coupled with deep technology background, our consultants help you create synergy between business and technology to ensure business value delivery. Our approach helps organizations prioritize objectives across business units effectively.

Enterprise information management

To gain business value from your data, you must understand it and manage it. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) helps ensure there is clarity around your data, enabling you to make optimal business decisions. 

System Integration

We integrate your ecosystem of technology investments, supporting your architecture approach, being data fabric, data mesh or a combination.  Ranging from enterprise systems, real-time operational technology systems, and IoT- from design and development through deployment.

Business intelligence & Data Analytics

We apply our extensive experience with standards, best practices and leading platform technologies to meet real-world analytics challenges. We leverage the tremendous amounts of information and intelligence to give you a holistic view of their data.


Drawing from our extensive involvement in defining utility standards worldwide, we train others in understanding the standards and how to apply them within their organization.

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