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The importance of Data Profiling

Data Profiling helps in understanding the characteristics of your data and can help in determining the data transformation that must occur for design and data mapping. Statistical analysis of your instance data, with attribute assessments, correlations identifications, cleanup suggestions and missing data evaluations is the basis for managing and trusting your data leading to a data driven-culture where stakeholders can focus on innovation and collaboration instead of solving data problems.

Utilize it upfront to help you understand data quality issues, to reduce risk and unnecessary future expense.

Ask yourself how you could spend more time on innovation instead of data problems?

"We lack understanding of the data and confidence in our data."

How do we manage them?

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Data profiling results can be translated into metrics that drive data health scores. These health scores can be used to help measure improvements in data quality and increase user confidence in the data.

Do you use data health scores?

Data Profiling Roadmap

The Affirma Roadmap gives you visibility into our planned capability expansions. We offer the opportunity for clients to collaborate and help drive product development through our strategy sessions.


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Approaches to Data Profiling

The ability for ODBC Data Profiling to directly connect to data sources (i.e. database) to process the whole or sub-set of the associated data. File upload Data Profiling to upload a file(s) associated with the respected data to complete the profiling.

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Data Profiling insights

The ability to gain insights from:

  • Variables counts (i.e., distinct, missing, memory size)
  • Interactions
  • Correlations
  • Missing Value analysis
  • Cleanup suggestions
Data Profiling

Data Profiling part of Affirma Pro

Affirma Pro subscription is planned for release at the beginning of 2023. To learn more about future Affirma capabilities please visit the Affirma roadmap page.

Affirma allows you to identify data issues so that you can mitigate and gain confidence in your data.

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