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The importance of Data Lineage

Data Lineage describes the route data takes and transformations it undergoes as it travels through systems inside and outside your organization. Using data lineage, an informative view can be established that traces an attribute’s journey all the way upstream to the system of origin, and all the way downstream to all the systems consuming or passing the attribute along.

This is beneficial for integration architects, data consumers and data scientists. Looking upstream, it’s easy to identify which systems could be responsible for data quality issues, even if those systems are separated by several orders of integration. Similarly, the downstream view provides invaluable insight into which systems might be affected by a proposed interface upgrade on an external business partner’s system, for example.

Ask yourself how lineage could help with compliance?

"This will improve our turnaround time on new integrations so much. Usually, it takes weeks to do an impact analysis on affected systems, even for simple changes.".

How do we manage them?

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A Data Lineage analysis should be done when considering any data integration design implementations or amendments. Data Lineage is an extremely powerful and easy to use tool to help identify impact and risk of a data interface change, even if that risk is several orders removed.

Do you have lineage readily available?

3 steps to Data Lineage

The data lineage is only as good as the metadata associated within Affirma.  To help gain the most value out of the data lineage ability we recommend the following key steps.

reference data

Import existing data mappings or create new ones

Data Lineage is dependent on Data Mappings. Importing or building some data mappings is a prerequisite to the Data Lineage capabilities. You are not required to manually capture additional information outside of Data Mappings for this.

enterprise semantic model

Select a model to start tracing from

Affirma traces both upstream and downstream from a selected model. The first order mappings to and from the selected model and the source/target models are displayed alongside the selected model in a navigable diagram.

Data Linage

Expand your horizon!

You can navigate upstream or downstream from the selected model, and you can keep on navigating in any direction if there are more mappings associated with the selected data model.

Affirma allows you to interrogate data mappings to build a complete view of data lineage for an attribute.

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