About Affirma

Reduce Complexity. Gain Business Value.

Affirma ENSURES Your success

Affirma is a single solution for enterprise semantic modeling and metadata management. With Affirma your business will continue to evolve and be innovative.

Affirma Data Journey

Affirma supports your data journey from it's conception through modeling to deployment and eventually archiving.

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How Affirma Works

Affirma works to manage your enterprise data architecture through harmonized data integrations utilizing established and innovative technologies.

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Affirma incorporates innovative concepts as fundamental building blocks re-reconciled with technology for managing your metadata and enterprise semantics.

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Use Cases

Understand through use cases how Affirma connects your data across technologies, integrations and governance.

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The Affirma roadmap gives you visibility into our planned capability expansions and positions you for the future.

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Affirma pricing is designed to support our ability to provide first class products and services for you.

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Affirma Brings Semantics and Build Automation Together Into One Solution

Affirma is a seamless and single point of reference for utility data modeling, mapping, analytics, and integration for those who are seeking to digitally transform through their data, by maximizing value, by supporting changing business need, and addressing new technologies. Affirma supports both business and technology groups in design, lineage, governance, and build automation leading to a common understanding of your data by all stakeholders.