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We designed Affirma with an end-goal of providing faster, quality access to your data for different vendor solutions, analytics platforms, and ultimately for solid decision making in support of business vision and strategy.

The Affirma Roadmap gives you visibility into our planned capability expansions. We are looking short-term and have developed our long-term plan and vision. As with any roadmap, our roadmap is revised throughout the year, reflecting our latest plans aligned with our client needs.

We offer the opportunity for clients to collaborate and help drive product development through our strategy sessions.

"Data and analytics leaders need to adopt a semantic approach to their enterprise data; otherwise, they will face an endless battle with data silos."

Guido De Simoni and Robert Thanaraj

Data Catalog

  • Export data to XMI
  • DDL Import

Enterprise Semantic Model

  • Export Enterprise Semantic Model to XMI

Data and Integration Design

  • Design artifact generation (JSON, WSDL)
Mapping and Transformation

Mapping and Transformation

  • Import of existing mappings
  • Custom transformation definitions 
  • Transformation library management
Data Linage

Data Linage

  • Graph node explorer
Data Profiling

Data Profiling

  • File based and database data profiling discovery
  • Data quality health scoring
Data Governance


  • Tagging support
  • Out-of-box data governance definitions
  • User defined metadata governance
  • Workflow management
  • Version tracking and audit

Data Dictionary

  • Data Dictionary harmonization
  • Collibra adapter
Build Automation

Build Automation

  • Spark pipeline code generation
  • Java code generation

Affirma Innovation

Our product development team is actively innovating to drive an Active-Metadata approach for Data Fabric and Data Mesh through:


  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Auto data mapping and transformation detection
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