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Affirma Brings Semantics and Metadata Management Together Into One Solution

Affirma is a seamless and single point of reference for utility data modeling, mapping, analytics, and integration for those who are seeking to digitally transform through their data.

AFFIRMA FOR Different BUSINESS Functions

Different business areas have different needs, but ultimately you want to learn from data. Watch the videos to learn how your business can benefit from Affirma.

Affirma for Information Technology

Adapting to change and minimizing cost while improving delivery

Application portfolios are constantly evolving as new business needs arise and legacy applications are retired.

"Understanding data lineage to communicate impact and enable reusability"

Affirma for Operations

Integrating segmented data for enhanced decision making

You have invested in tools, technologies and solutions but the data you have is still segmented.

“Integrate data governance and semantics to deliver analytics across boundaries.”

Affirma for Business Strategy

Treating data as a critical asset to drive innovation

Our world is changing faster than ever before, requiring innovative and resilient businesses strategies.

“Build foresight capabilities for financial, operational, and digital resilience.”

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