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The importance of Integration Design

Integration designs define and document how the various components of integrations work together, from API or database definitions of a source system, the schema definitions of data payloads, the data mapping and transformation to a target schema, and ultimately the API or database definitions of the target system.

Integration designs contain the definition, and graphical representations, of entire data pipelines.

 How do you produce artifacts for external consumption?

" How do we authenticate integration endpoint operation definitions effectively?"

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Pipeline building blocks defined elsewhere in Affirma, such as design contexts, the data catalog, the enterprise semantic model and data mappings, can be used to create interface definitions and configurations for databases and APIs, in a variety of ways. Link APIs and database connections to design contexts, or derive contexts from an existing interface.
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Integration Design Roadmap

The Affirma Roadmap gives you visibility into our planned capability expansions. We offer the opportunity for clients to collaborate and help drive product development through our strategy sessions.


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Integration profile context design

The ability for full context of  host names, addresses, connection options and parameters required to connect to a system interface. Linking your APIs and database connections to design contexts, or derive contexts from an existing interface.

enterprise semantic model

Publish Integration Designs

The ability to export Integration Designs as Open API Specification documents (in JSON or YAML). In addition, code fragments for integration runners can be produced in a variety of development languages. Open API specification documents (previously known as Swagger) can be produced in JSON or YAML.

Integration Design part of Affirma Pro

Affirma Pro subscription is planned for release at the beginning of 2023. To learn more about future Affirma capabilities please visit the Affirma roadmap page.

Affirma helps you bridge the gap from integration design to physical implementation.


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