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Treating data as a critical asset to drive innovation

As organizations transform to a digital business model it demands the ability to monetize and exploit the value of data. Data is what drives new services, operations, decision making and overall adds value to answer complex business questions.

Staying relevant, transforming and expanding requires

  • Confidence in data driven decisions
  • Solid financial decisions
  • Ability to embrace technology change

If data is what drives a digital business, how are you going to ensure it is managed as a valuable asset?


"Accelerate growth by deploying technology innovations that will rapidly scale digital products and increase market share."

By Gartner, Arun Chandrasekaran, Frances Karamouzis, David Groombridge, 

Jitendra Subramanyam, Bart Willemsen, Daniel Stang

Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022, Executive Leaders Perspective

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Confidence in data driven decisions

Most organizations are faced with the challenge of having a comprehensive data management design across all their data source and data flows. A strong foundational data architecture with supporting processes needs to be established to ensure a clear understanding of what data means and how it interacts. Affirma supports in establishing a foundation for the management of your data architecture whether your approach it is a data fabric, data mesh or a combination there of.

Solid financial decisions

Organizations are continuously looking to manage costs while improving the delivery of their market offering. Understanding the impact of data changes, data flows, data usage and how solutions are integrated is necessary for financial planning of future initiatives. Affirma provides the way to centralize the data journey and provides impact analysis so that you know what is effective before investment decisions are made.

Ability to embrace technology change

Technology solutions continue to be introduced within different industries as the organization evolves to support operational change and innovation. To enable the ability to change an organization needs a strong foundational data architecture which can grow and be extended at a rapid pace. Affirma provides a foundation for managing and harmonizing data, supports technology change such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, for enhanced capability to plan for the unexpected for financial, operational and digital resilience.

Affirma for Business Strategy

Affirma is a seamless and single point of reference for data modeling, mapping, analytics and integration for those who are seeking to digitally transform through their data to maximizing value, to support changing business needs while embracing new technologies and innovation.

We need more advanced foresight capabillities. Can Affirma support this requirement?

Yes, Affirma can! Affirma is designed to connect the data model for your organization with how data flows and is stored. This enables understanding of data lineage to give you insights into impact of change and supports you in planning the delivery of projects.

We need to better understand financial impact of change to the business. Can Affirma support this?

Yes, Affirma can! Since Affirma generates data lineage you can understand the impact of change to the integrations or data store designs. Understanding that impact allows you make financially solid decisions for planning of project deliveries, replacements or upgrades to systems.

We already utilize houndreds of systems and technologies. Why should we add Affirma?

Affirma helps you in defining and common understanding of data, how it is used and how it flows within the organization. With hundreds of systems and technologies, Affirma connects them together to maximize the value of the investments and create a sound foundational data architecture.

Affirma enables the Business to treat data as a critical asset to drive innovation

Applications portfolios are constantly evolving and Affirma allows you to bring together industry standards and vendors data models to deliver your common view of the data.


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