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Integrating segmented data for enhanced decision making

Data continues to grow at an exponential rate challenging business operations how to incorporate data to drive decisions. Rapid market changes occurring from day to day, or even hour to hour, means operations must react quickly.

Proactive business operations require

  • Trusted data for analytic operational decisions
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies
  • Leveraging emerging technologies

If data continues to grow and sets the foundation for analytic insights, how can you make trusted operational decisions quickly?


"Engineer trust by creating resilient digital foundations that maximize the value of data and applications."

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Affirma Capabilities

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Data Profiling

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Build Automation

Trusted data for analytical operational decisions

Business operation groups are faced with exponential data growth needed for near time decision making. A common understanding of data is required and transformation of data for different stakeholders while ensuring the highest level of quality. Affirma allows you to leverage semantics to ensure common understanding and data profiling for quality and provides for centrally managed data mapping and transformation libraries across the organization for consistency.

Enhanced operational efficiencies

Data movement within operations has become increasingly complex due to the growing number of required systems and solutions. Integrations and data designs need to be managed in a way that will improve project delivery time through re-usability, ensure consistency, and establish trust. Affirma allows you manage integrations and data designs with connected data profiling leading to confidence in the quality of data.

Leveraging emerging technologies

Continuous change in the business landscape requires operations to evolve and integrate new technologies and solutions. Organizations need to be able to connect data across solutions while trying to minimize complexity and gaining the most value from the data. Affirma allows you to design and integrate across the changing technology landscape based on a common data model connected to relevant metadata for rapid deployment.

Affirma for Operations

Affirma is a seamless and single point of reference for data modeling, mapping, analytics and integration for those who are seeking to digitally transform through their data to maximizing value, to support changing business needs while embracing new technologies and innovation.

Can Affirma help us integrate across our different analytic solutions, operational systems and data sources?

Yes, Affirma can! Affirma is designed to harmonize your data across all your different sources for trusted insights.

Can Affirma help us with our data quality issues?

Yes, Affirma can! Affirma has the ability to profile your data associated with a design, giving you insight such as correlations, missing values, and even cleanup suggestions.

Can Affirma help us with data governance?

Yes, Affirma can! Affirma is designed to help organizations establish a common data definition for implementating and managing the data life-cycle.

Affirma enables operations to integrate segmented data for enhanced decision making

Operations need a common view of data and have an increasing need for additional integrated data to drive insights.  Affirma allows you to create a common view, enables re-usability and even links to data quality.


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